HanSan, Method Gallery, Seattle, WA 2019
An immersive gallery installation featuring fabric covered mounds with wall murals reflecting on the tensions between territoriality and unity in our world. Inspired by a section of the DMZ fence between North and South Korea that is covered in colorful ribbons with prayers for reunification, Juliana creates installations that also carry a collective wish for unity.

Alone Together Public Art Project, Seattle Department of Transportation and Seattle Office of Arts & Culture 2019

Alone Together is a series of pictorial street signs and crosswalk
paintings along 1st Avenue between Pike and Spring. This is part of the Imagine Greater Downtown initiative, designed to improve the pedestrian experience in Downtown Seattle using existing SDOT street infrastructure to create art for pedestrians and cyclists to see in their everyday movements. Commissioned by the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture and Seattle Department of Transportation.

Pojagi Unity Flags, Seattle Center Sculpture Walk 2018
Seattle Office of Arts & Culture
Unlike traditional flags, these flags have no allegiance or nationality. They wave a call for unity and to celebrate diversity. They are a reminder that when diverse parts come together like a patchwork, beautiful things can happen. These flags are inspired by Pojagi, Korean wrapping cloths made from scrap silk. Each patch and stitch on the pojagi is a prayer of good will meant to protect good luck and enfold the gift. The wish for passers-by is that they are carried in good will and a spirit of unity.

HanSan Curtain, COCA (Center on Contemporary Art) Seattle, WA 2017
This site-specific installation was completed on site inside a shipping container placed in Lower Queen Anne, as part of COCA’s UnContained Artist Residency. The shipping container was open to passers-by during the construction of the installation. The idea is based on a section of the DMZ fence between North and South Korean that is covered with colorful ribbons wishing for reunification. The collective wishes for unity can perhaps one day lift up the fence and that there is wealth enough for all.

Sea of Famine, Mixed media drawings, 2015-2019
This series of gouache, ink and collage drawings are based on the Great Famine of North Korea in the 1990s. The famine resulted from the loss of agricultural lands due to flooding. The flooding was worsened by the construction of the Nampho dam (built mostly as a vanity project to showcase N. Korean engineering to the world) - the most costly and grandiose construction project in North Korea to date.

Territorial, Mixed media drawings 2013-2016
This series of gouache, ink and collage drawings are based on the societal tendencies toward territorial behaviors such as the hoarding of resources and aggressive displays in protecting those resources. The scenarios in these drawings look at the way these territorial behaviors divide society and create arbitrary boundaries based on wealth and geopolitics (as in the case with North and South Korea) through a satirical lens.

Pojagi Banners, Euphrat Museum, Cupertino CA 2014
Shunpike Storefronts, South Lake Union, Seattle, WA 2017
These banners were part of the Making Space exhibition exploring the different ways artists utilize space. The banners inspired by Tibetan prayer flags bring attention from the viewer upward for a moment of reflection. The fabric’s movement is intended to spread goodwill, harmony and compassion.


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